“Citizens Acting on Issues”


Since the 1880’s, the farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, and other various landowners of La Plata County County have helped the County flourish and define the region. They believed in the basic American principle; the right to private property and the cultivation thereof, is natural, essential, and unalienable, and the protection of this right is necessary for personal liberty and happiness…

And from the time of the county’s founding in 1874, the Elected Officials have worked hand-in-hand with landowners to find solutions to the perceived problems of growth, economic development, sustainability, education, environmental use and protection, and the assertion of one’s constitutional rights. Today, many areas of the Country have chosen to turn their back on the vested property rights of individuals. Never before have the liberties of the citizens of La Plata County come under such assault…

+ La Plata County is comprised of 3 voting districts, with vastly different landscapes, environments, and demographics- each with specific needs and desires. However, the election of County Commissioners is based purely on popular vote, this has led many citizens to feel disenfranchised, railroaded, and unheard when their concerns have been voiced.

+ In recent years, La Plata County has suffered budget shortfalls, but rather than seeking fiscally responsible policies to overcome this dilemma, some County Officials have instead advocated for higher taxation, (and now) proposed increases of permits and fines.

+ In December of 2017, the BOCC presented a revised Land Use Code for adoption. The citizens most likely to be most affected by this new Code considered it to be egregious and in direct violation of their rights.

+ Further, many citizens found this proposed Code (and the coinciding zoning regulations) as both a possible devaluation of their material investment in their property, and a deliberate usurpation of their freedoms as property owners, and in some instances could be expressed as taking of property without compensation- prohibited by the Colorado and U.S. Constitutions.

+ The actions and tactics of some Elected Officials, as well as appointed commission and committee members, before and surrounding the hopeful adoption of this LUC are believed to be dishonest, negligent, coercive, wasteful, self-serving, and undeserving of the public trust.


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