La Plata Liberty Coalition

Land Use Code Petition

Development of La Plata County’s proposed Land Use Code should have followed this process:

  • Policy Basis established through the 12 District Land Use Plans (POLICY DOCUMENTS) updated and improved by residents in each district;
  • Comprehensive Plan (POLICY DOCUMENT) which unifies the themes of the updated District Plans and establishes reflective priorities, goals, and objectives;
  • Land Use Code which is guided by these POLICY DOCUMENTS and created through robust community participation.

Because the County’s own process was not followed, WE THE PEOPLE petition the Board of County Commissioners to take corrective action.

I support postponing adoption of the proposed Land Use Code until it has input from each of the 12 District Land Use Plans, achieved through a fair and transparent process, representing the views of residents in each corresponding Planning District.
I believe the Land Use Code should emphasize and protect property rights, and any code requirements be limited to those with a clear and direct benefit to public health and safety.
I request Land Use Code subjective provisions like scenery, views, tourism, and subsidized housing be eliminated or at minimum rigorously evaluated to avoid negative impacts to private property rights.
I recommend firing the consultant Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) and pursuing a refund to the full extent possible.
I require more transparency regarding the Planning Commission via public posting on the Planning Department’s website to include:

  • full disclosure of the rules and policy basis for this powerful commission

  • history of commission appointments

  • clear listing of qualifications of each commission member

  • dates for each member’s term(s)

  • and one month advance posting for position openings before the deadline to apply

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