Stance on Issues


Assertion of Individual Liberty- Land Use Code

While the La Plata Liberty Coalition understands the need to have an updated Land Use Code that is more streamlined, predictable, and consistent, there are deep concerns regarding restrictions that are a clear taking of property rights. The La Plata Liberty Coalition is actively involved in helping the 12 District Land Use Committees shape plans that reflect the diverse needs and desires of each district.

Civic Engagement – Recall

The La Plata Liberty Coalition strongly supports civic engagement. Citizens have a right to exercise civic duties which may include recall and other organized actions. A citizen group is currently running a recall in La Plata County and we support their right to do so.


Voice – Voting for County Commissioners

The La Plata Liberty Coalition supports efforts and legislation which enhance the voice of the citizenry. Voting “At-Large” for Board of County Commissioners has muted the voice of rural communities. We encourage citizens to contact their elected officials to support legislation which would allow La Plata County to vote for Commissioners “By District.”


Essential Public Services – LPEA

The La Plata Liberty Coalition encourages citizens to be aware of issues which effect the essential public services we all rely upon such as: water, power, emergency services, and sanitation. Citizens should be aware of the current special interest group attention focused on the La Plata Electric Association.


Citizen Participation – Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The La Plata Liberty Coalition strongly encourages citizen participation with the various boards, commissions, and committees which contribute to the administration of La Plata County Government. In addition to attending public meetings, citizens who have relevant skills are encouraged to volunteer by applying to open positions of interest.






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