Stance on Issues


Land Use Code- NO ZONING

While the LaPlata Liberty Coalition understands the probable need to have an updated Land Use Code that is more streamlined, predictable, and consistent, there are deep concerns regarding restrictions that are a clear taking of property rights.  The LaPlata Liberty Coalition is actively involved in supporting the District Planning Commissions to help ensure they are given their rightful place at the planning table, and to improve meaningful public participation in the development of the new Code, including honoring the comments which have been solicited and received.


Civic Engagement – Ballot Initiatives

Many new initiatives have been proposed for this November’s ballot, some of which relate to property rights, or could have a profound impact on La Plata County citizens and our economy.

The LaPlata Liberty Coalition is watching the process and will provide a summary of initiatives which will be on our ballots, and encourage citizens to become educated on these issues in advance of November voting.  REMEMBER, THE MOST POWERFUL EXERCISE OF OUR FREEDOM IS THE VOTE!!!


Voice – Voting for County Commissioners

The LaPlata Liberty Coalition supports efforts and legislation which enhance the voice of the citizenry.  Voting “At Large” for our County Commissioners is a complete disregard for common sense, and has effectively muted the voice of rural communities.  The LaPlata Liberty Coalition will continue to advocate for “Voting By District” in La Plata County.  The following link is important information for all voters:  Voting “At-Large


Essential Public Services – LPEA

The LaPlata Liberty Coalition encourages citizens to be aware of issues which effect the essential public services we all rely upon, such as water, power, emergency services, and sanitation.  Citizens should be aware of the ongoing special interest group attention focused on the La Plata Electric Association.  Since the recent LPEA elections, placing activists in critical Board positions, there is a fast moving agenda to do things the LLC feels would be detrimental to the best interests of La Plata County residents.  BE AWARE!!!


Citizen Participation – Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The La Plata Liberty Coalition strongly encourages citizen participation with the various boards, commissions, and committees which contribute to the administration of La Plata County Government. In addition to attending public meetings, citizens who have relevant skills are encouraged to volunteer by applying to open positions of interest.






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