The La Plata Liberty Coalition…

We are an entirely volunteer group of concerned citizens who have witnessed the actions of elected officials and agreed to come together and take action. We are your friends and your neighbors, living and working together in La Plata County. We do not care if there is a (D) an (R) or any other letter after your name.

Members of the Coalition combine time, talents, and resources to support the mission of liberty and protect property rights in La Plata County.  We understand that the direction in which our leaders move today will have long-lasting repercussions for ALL citizens of the county.

The La Plata Liberty Coalition is not affiliated with, founded, funded, or otherwise supported by ANY outside corporation, special interest or political action group. 

This is an authentic, grassroots effort, pursuing civic engagement as a right, not a profession.  The La Plata Liberty Coalition is honored to dutifully help support and magnify the voice of WE THE PEOPLE in La Plata County.






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